Parents Corner

Rolf Svanström, dad to Lova and passionate Tennis player

What sport does your daughter do?

Functional training

What is most important to you as a dad of an active child?

That she is having fun and enjoys her sport.

Why is it important for kids to work out?

It’s important to be active for the body to function properly. I want my daughter to feel good and be healthy. I also appreciate the social aspect, that she meets new people and develops as a person.

How do you encourage her?

I don’t know if I do really. The motivation has to come from her. However, we support her interest in sports and do not set boundaries, like we do when it comes to her shopping interest.

Do you take any actions to prevent injuries?

Injuries is not a dinner-table topic. She had to stop gymnastics due to a shoulder injury. I am a strong believer in the fact that you can heal from injuries by training, as long as it’s adjusted to improve the injury.

Can a child train the same way as an adult?

Absolutely, as long as the workout is focused on having fun and being active.

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