“More Than Just Recovery and Performance” – A Review of Rehband Calf Compression Sleeves

There is compression and there is Rehband’s compression, and believe us, there is a difference. Rehband’s compression sleeves have been carefully tested for form and function in this review by Compression Point. The reviewer Roger Holder has put them to the test on trail-hikes, long walks, routine runs and on a treadmill. They received a 4.7/5 rating from the site.

Compression is used by athletes across many sports today, and everyone that has tried to use real compression has probably felt the sensation, but not everyone can explain the physical effects it has on the body. This is something Johan Bohlin, Physiotherapist and Head of Development at Rehband, has helped us put in words.

– The pressure input from the clothing makes our brain and body more aware, which improves both muscle coordination and balance. By increasing blood circulation, the compression also helps athletes to recover faster, by removing waste products and reducing lactic acid in the muscles, he explains.

The term “compression wear” is not protected today, which means that some of the products being marketed as compression wear in stores will not provide its positive benefits. It’s important for consumers to stay informed and to research the products they purchase, to make sure that the desired benefits of using compression wear is really be achieved.

When Roger Holder from Compression Point compares Rehband’s compression sleeves to competitors, he states that “this is the difference between slapping a piece of elastic fabric around your calf and using an actual product designed for advanced recovery and performance. It’s what sets Rehband apart from most brands. There’s a reason the crossfit community eats, sleeps and drinks this company’s products. That’s because it does what it says. And just in case you didn’t know, Rehband is actually considered to be a medical device company that makes apparel for amateurs and professional athletes.” And we couldn’t agree more.

What puts Rehband apart from other developers of compression wear is that we have our own in-house research and development team, working close together with athletes to find the most efficient solutions for compression wear on the market. We are physiotherapists and understand the human body. Having medical research and knowledge in the same building means that we have a better understanding of the benefits and effects of different changes we make when developing our compression wear, says Johan Bohlin.

When it comes down to it, it’s the experience of the user that matters the most. This is how Roger Holder at Compression Point describes the user experience of Rehband’s compression sleeves: “The texture of the fabric was soft and smooth especially in the areas that mattered, that is, the stitching. According to Rehband, the material is a combination of Polyamide and Elastane, which also happens to be moisture wicking. For those in the Stone Age, it means that your legs won’t sweat profusely. That’s especially helpful if you’re a hairy human. I am, so I was happy”. Another aspect of the sleeves, highlighted in the review by Compression Point, is how lightweight they are, a huge benefit to every long distance endurance or OCR-athlete.

Athletes of all sports can benefit from using compression wear, both for recovery and because it helps your muscles work in synergy. This is especially useful if you are looking to reach a certain goal, like improving your speed, shooting harder or jumping higher. In fitness and team sports, as well as in weightlifting, compression wear supports you during training, ensuring that you perform movements in a more controlled and safe manner, while also helping with your recovery. For endurance sports, like marathon running or cycling, compression wear helps increase your blood circulation so that you have a slower lactic acid build up while also helping you consume less energy due to less soft tissue and muscle oscillation.

In Rehband’s knowledge hub Rehband Lab, we can learn more about what compression really is and the benefits it will offer the user.

Compression, as part of the effective benefits of the Rehband support is divided into three components: increased tissue pressure, senso-motoric improvement of performance and external stabilization of joints.

Compression helps to prevent injuries and increases the muscle memory of how to move correctly. Furthermore, compression can reduce inflammation of the joints, reduce swelling and alleviate pains associated with mild overuse. Inflammations, irritation conditions, strains, wear and tear injuries and soft tissue overload can cause swelling of affected body areas. This results in increased movement of fluid (hematoma) from the vessels into the tissue, destruction of tissue and development of pain. Rehband compression treatment is specifically useful for preventing and treating articular effusions, periarticular swellings and hematomas.

The basic function of compression is to provide pressure to body tissue. Due to the anatomical fit of Rehband’s supports the compression is even throughout the entire area of the support. Extensive research and development has gone into finding the perfect level of compression for active people. If compression is too strong, blood circulation is limited, while compression that is too weak will not offer the same level of results.

In the Compression Point review, the effect of compression is explained the following way: “You know the feeling you get in your legs after an exhausting run or killer leg work out? That subtle throbbing sensation in your veins and muscles as your body tries to calm down from the healthy stress it just endured. Well the effect was a lot less prevalent compared to the norm … Instead of having to worry about your calf muscles and joints becoming stiff, you can wear a pair of calf sleeves to reduce that effect.”

“While a big benefit of compression calf sleeves is the advanced recovery, I’d say comfort and confidence are just as important. They give you the edge you need to always give maximum effort. If you use them as regularly as I did, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your peak performance.” – Roger Holder at Compression Point.

One thing that stands out with Rehband products is the durability. This is something that the reviewer also noticed. In the review it reads: “Plants, the weather and water have all tried to compromise the integrity of these sleeves. Especially plants on trails…damn those twigs and branches. But, the Rehband sleeves protected my legs and I just ran through the bush like a modern day Tarzan. They’ve also been put in the wash twice. Not because they smell, but because of dirt and other trail elements. The machine didn’t ruin them either. The lettering wasn’t destroyed and the sleeves fit just as snug as when they were first worn … After 28 days of exercising in the sleeves, I have zero issues with durability.”

The Compression Sleeve review is summarized with the following advice: “Look, you’re obviously trying to find the best calf compression sleeve to buy. So if words like quality, durability and comfort come to mind when you hear the word best, then give these Rehband calf sleeves a look.”

You can shop the Rehband Compression Sleeves here.

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