Fully owned and controlled production for guaranteed quality

With throughout testing we can guarantee that the product is safe, for both production workers and end users.

The majority of our products are produced in our fully owned factory in Tallinn, Estonia. This allows us to gain full control of the complete supply chain. It also allows us to guarantee that salaries and working conditions for our employees meet both procedures and laws while living up to the high ethical standards that we as a company stand for. We can vouch for the workers satisfaction, safety and comfort at the factory due to monthly visits and a close collaboration. Legislation & Testing With the majority of our products being classified as medical devices, external product controls are conducted on a regular basis. The main focus of these controls is to assure that guidelines, requirements and routines that are compulsory for companies that develop CE-marked products are followed. Our production of neoprene products follows guidelines according to international environment laws and is accepted by the health societies in Europe and the United States. We have been approved by the authorities’ environmental inspections every year and we also comply with the protocols that are established in accordance with the REACH-regulation. This modifies the evaluation and limitation of chemical substances that we follow throughout our production. The material is carefully tested in laboratories, both internal and external. All of our products are tested into the very smallest detail on their cytotoxicity, meaning their level of toxic substances. Due to our high requirement for quality, we only release products that have good margin within the limit values. This means that we can guarantee that the product is safe, for both production workers and the end users. Our products are produced in a manufacturing plant that is ISO13485-certified, which ensures that very specific and high standard quality management system guidelines are followed to consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

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