The first targeted compression tights for runner’s knee and IT-band symptoms

Runner’s knee is one of the most common injuries for endurance athletes today. Rehband is proud to launch the UD Runner’s Knee/ITBS Tights, a unique pair of tights that help provide injury prevention and rehabilitation. This product is the first of its kind, designed to help prevent the development of Runner’s knee, with a medical classification to back it up. 

Rehband, a company with over 60 years of medical expertise and experience, is constantly developing new products to enable the full potential of athletes at any level.

They may look like your regular pair of compression tights – but they are so much more than that. Runners often get injured. Our tights are unique in providing relief to the entire IT-band area.  The tights can enable an active lifestyle for injured runners. Wearing the tights, runners will be able to continue with the sports they love”, says Jerry Manderhjelm, former Managing Director at Rehband.

Runner’s knee or iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) occurs when the tendon, also known as the IT band, which runs from the hip and attaches to the knee, becomes overloaded, resulting in pain.

The tights are made of a recycled high-class polyamide and perforated neoprene panels that extend over the hip and knee joints, the neoprene panels provide targeted warmth and compression to the areas associated with Runner’s Knee. This results in pain relief and prevention against recurring injuries. The tights can also improve the everyday athlete’s performance and coordination due to proprioception properties and the user will also experience the overall benefits of graded compression; increased blood circulation, coordination and reduced swelling.

“The tights are the result of extensive research. The big difference with the UD Runner ́s Knee/ITBS tights is the holistic approach that includes the entire area associated with Runner’s Knee injuries. We reach the core of the problem to avoid the symptoms and its cause,” Jerry Manderhjelm continues.

Rehband’s UD Runners Knee Tights are made from 78% recycled polyamide, 22% elastane combined with 2 mm perforated SBR/Neoprene. The innovative design provides a unique combination of compression and warmth within a breathable material.

Apart from their medical function and slim look, the Runner’s Knee/ITBS Tights include features such as flatlock stitching, a breathable stretch material for perfect comfort and reflective elements. The reflectors are designed in the same shape as the perforated holes for a complete visual balance in both light and dark.

The Runner’s Knee/ITBS Tights are available for purchase at Rehband’s webshop and with selected retailers.


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