Parents Corner

Daniel Frigghe, Dad To Malte And Weightlifting Coach

What sport does you son do?

Weightlifting, functional training and swimming.

What is most important to you as a dad of an active child?

Doing sports is so important for many aspects of life, not only to feel good and be healthy. It plays an important part in achieving good results in school, they meet new friends, have fun and grow as individuals. We have set a rule for our kids, they have to work out at least three times a week, on top of the sports they do in school. It may sound quite radical, but usually we’re the one that have to stop them from working out too much.

Your son Malte is doing a number of different sports. How do you find the time to fit his trainings in to your schedule with work and family life?

We work out together and it works great for us. We get to spend a lot of time together and I can help him develop his technique.

How do you keep him encouraged?

I don’t leave any space for missing a training class. That is just not an option, unless he has a huge test in school coming up. Even then, I’ll probably make him go to the gym as I know he will return to his desk with more energy for his schoolwork. He will feel better and won’t be as restless

Do you take any preventative measures?

Training technique is always a hot topic around our dinner table. The kids are not allowed to perform weightlifting exercises without showing us they have the proper technique. He would jump straight to the bar if didn’t stop him to engage him in warm-up.

Can a child workout in the same way as an adult?

They can, but taking preventative measures to avoid injuries is even more important for kids. I encourage my son to do vary his training and sport activities and I would recommend every parent to do the same. Recent studies have shown that weightlifting is beneficial for children and their muscle development. Parents should not let old misconceptions fool them and keep their kids away from weightlifting.

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