Parents Corner

Children overcoming obstacles

Training for kids should be fun! Obstacle Course Races have many similarities with children’s playgrounds. Kids get to run, jump, duck, climb – and the best part is that they are allowed to get muddy, it’s a natural part of these races.

The boom in obstacle course racing (OCR) and mud runs shows no sign of slowing down.  There are many organizers of kids races around the world, so why not let your kid try one out? Many races have several heat start times so a family can race at the same event. In most races adults can follow their children along the course and come in to assist when and if needed.

Participating in an obstacle race can be empowering, kids learn how to overcome literal and personal obstacles. The courses usually have miniature versions of some of the adult obstacles as well as mud and water. The length of the courses are adjusted to kids, and is typically about 1-2 kilometers for younger kids, starting at an age from 3 and up depending on the organizer.

At the finish line every participant usually gets a medal. The kids carry them proudly. Rehband can’t think of a better and more fun way to keep kids active and have a fun-filled activity for the whole family.

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