Female body image is a sensitive subject within our society. The female athletes of functional training are paving the way for women everywhere to take confidence and pride in the way they look, based on how fit, strong and healthy they are. The world of “functional fitness” has allowed these women to achieve remarkable levels of strength, endurance and conditioning in pursuit of health rather than a specific body image.

‘Women defined by what they can do, not just by how they look

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is the 2014 champion of the CrossFit Games® , a member of the Canadian weightlifting Team, and is about to finish her engineering degree. She is a world renowned, highly respected Rehband athlete and during a recent interview had some important points to make on the subject.

Camille on Body Image

‘When I was growing up, I felt I needed to look a certain way, but it’s something now that I’ve changed a lot. I can look back and see that it was eating me alive and it was so nasty and negative.’ ‘Most women train to fit into some kind of box for the female body, how it’s supposed to look, move and function. But this isn’t right; women should feel they can work out because they want to work out.’

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