7 Tough Upper Body Workouts from Josh Bridges

Success is not owned. It’s leased, and the rent is due every day – So it’s time to pay the man!

This article is part of the Rehband “Carry Yourself” series, a complete guide to improving your upper body strength, mobility, posture and reducing the risk of injury. Try testing your fitness with these workouts from legendary Athlete Josh Bridges. They will also ultimately help you carry yourself through life with confidence and pride.


5 Rounds:

-10 squat clean thrusters

-10 strict towel pull ups

#payhim….fun hotel workout 5 rds 10 squat clean thrusters 55# db 10 strict towel pull ups

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20 minute amrap

-6 manmakers 55lb# db

-7 box step ups hold the dumbbells

-(and wear a 20lb# vest!)

7 years ago I traveled a good distance to come home to one of the best days of my life! I made this workout up for my man! 20 min amrap 6 manmakers 55# db 7 box step ups hold the dumbbells and wear a 20# vest! #HBDBUBBA

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Try using one of the tips that Josh uses to stay on top of his game when you try these WODs.

Josh Bridges: “Not every day is going to feel like you crushed it. That’s part of the process.”

Josh will always go back over his performances in order to draw any conclusions he needs to make and learn from each WOD. Do the same for your own workouts. Take time after you have finished and ask yourself the following questions:

-Ok I did that workout, great, if felt good. Now what can I learn from it?

-Where could I have pushed a little harder?

-Where should I have backed off?

-What other tactics or different techniques might have worked better?

Josh Bridges: “I analyse these things so that I am better prepared for the next time I train that movement or sequence of exercises and I can see how to improve it.”

With intensive upper body workouts involving presses and dips (see below) or pulling movements (such as the rows in the manmakers above) it can be a good idea to wear elbow sleeves or wrist guards to help protect your joints and strengthen your movement patterns.


10 minute Amrap

-5 Strict Pull Ups

-5 Shoulder Press

-5 Ring Dips

Pause 2 minute then:

PressBuild solid shoulder strength with the workout above

10 minute Amrap

-10 Pull Up (Kipping/Butterfly/Assisted)

-5 Push Press

-5 Ring Dips

Use same weight for each type of press exercise.


21-15-9 of:

-Strict HSPU

-Ring Dips

-Push Ups

You can also try this without competing for time. Focus on quality and slow the reps right down, this will give the workout more of a strength building orientation. Try using a 2 -2 rep speed and wear compression arms sleeves to focus on building proprioception and excellent movement patterns.


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

-Deadlift 125#

-Dumbbell bench 100#

-Cleans with 150# ball

LiftingAnalyse your own performances like Josh Bridges does


42-30-18 Ski Cal / Wall Ball 30#

Complete this workout then rest for 10 minutes before moving onto the upper body workout below:

Nothing like training to the voices in your head! #payhim @wodstar 42-30-18 ski cal / wall ball 30# thank you to @rehband for the knee support

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This is more of a bodybuilding style workout. Rest no more than 30 seconds between sets.

-Superset incline db curl and bench dips (15, 12, 10)

-Superset cable tricep push down and cable hammer curl (15, 12, 10)

-Bicep preacher curls 15, 12, 10

-Strict chin ups 30 reps in as few sets as possible

-30 ring dips in as few sets as possible

Josh Bridges Garage Gym

Josh Bridges Garage Gym

So now it’s time to put all this theory into practice! Use these exercises, workouts and tips to carry yourself through life with strength and confidence. Plan the future of your fitness today.


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