1193 athletes on why they use Rehband knee sleeves when working out

We recently did a survey* on athletes that use Rehband knee sleeves when working out. The following statistics are based on the answers from 1193 athletes who have used Rehband knee sleeves.

Out of the respondents in the survey, 75% of people said that they used Rehband knee sleeves often or in every workout. Half of the respondents used the knee sleeves in every workout.

“I truly enjoy my knee sleeves. I did my first year of Crossfit without them and made gains, however when I bought my only pair of sleeves 2 years ago I could tell a dramatic increase in everything that I did. I gained the confidence to go heavier because the knee sleeves are just that good. Thank you for helping me become a better athlete,” stated one respondent.

The most common reason people use knee sleeves during a workout is if a workout includes squats (82%). Over 60% of respondents also said they used knee sleeves for extra heavy workouts, if they feel a sore or pain in their knee or joints, or if the workout includes lunges.

Squats are a diverse and powerful exercise, but can also be a source of injury if done incorrectly. Using knee sleeves can prevent injuries caused by stress during workouts such as squats or lunges, as well as for heavier workouts. They can also help athletes feel more secure when working out with a sore or pain in their knee or joint.

“I have been using Rehband for almost a year now and I’ve seen great improvements on my squats. And it’s by far the best knee sleeves out there. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about their workouts,” stated one respondent.

“I’m an older Crossfitter (51) and I use the blue Rehband sleeves for every workout. They definitely help keep my knees warm and help my performance during my workouts,” stated another respondent who had experienced a serious knee injury earlier.

By using Rehband knee sleeves, respondents said that they had been able to prevent injury (68%) and improve their confidence (63%). Around half of the respondents also stated that using knee sleeves during a workout had helped them with pain relief and in feeling more powerful.

Other common improvements observed from working out with Rehband knee sleeves included increased overall performance (45%) and more efficient warm-ups (40%).

60% of respondents stated that their Rehband knee sleeves normally last them 1 – 5 years. 90% stated that the durability of the product is one of the reasons that they choose Rehband knee sleeves. And 99% stated that they would recommend Rehband to a friend.

“I’m a former college football player who has struggled with knee pain since I was a teenager. I had basically given up on my legs because of the pain, until I tried the 7mm sleeves. They help me warm up and provide the support to allow me to trust my knees again. I am aspiring to try and make the 2019 CrossFit® games and will not be training without my Rehband knee sleeves!” said one respondent.


To see more results from the survey, please visit: Study: Common reasons for working out, and what injuries keep people from the gym 


*The statistics are based on a survey of 1894 people within our community, of which 1193 stated that they own Rehband knee sleeves. The survey was released on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). 61% of the respondents have CrossFit as their main type of workout, and 19% have weightlifting. The remaining 20% mainly practice running, powerlifting or other strength or durability training. The above statistics are based on the answers from respondents who stated that they own a pair of Rehband knee sleeves.


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