JOSH BRIDGES – Rehband ambassador, U.S. Navy Seal and CrossFit® athlete

”Rehband is a company that believes in quality and in powering the performance of athletes. I am happy to be working with an organization that strives to improve the health and safety of athletes at all levels.”

Josh Bridges

Josh Bridges is renowned for his charismatic humour, phenomenal fitness, Trojan work ethic and exceptional mental toughness. He combines talent with intelligent training and recovery work in a way that has allowed him to operate on elite level in functional training for many years.

Josh is a truly exceptional athlete. At a modest 5’5″ tall, Josh appears to be overshadowed by much larger competitors. However, in a sport where the most balanced athlete is crowned champion, Josh uses his speed and agility to outperform and outlast the majority of his competitors. He is also constantly growing stronger and now poses a serious threat in power events. This speaks to us and our mission at Rehband.

In his first appearance at the Games in 2011, Josh shocked the world with a 2nd place finish, both in the World-Wide Open and in the finals. Unfortunately, he was unable to compete in 2012 due to military obligations and a knee injury which required surgery and rehab. Josh was back in 2013 to win the So-Cal Regionals and taking a 4th place at the CrossFit® Games 2014. During 2016, Josh placed 1st in the Californian CrossFit® Regionals and 13th in the CrossFit® Games 2016. In the meantime, he has achieved the following overall successes:

6x CrossFit Games Athlete

(2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

4x CrossFit Regionals Champion

(2011, 2013, 2016, 2017)

7x CrossFit Open Workout Winner

Josh began his athletic journey at an early age. However, when he grew up, he was not informed about injury prevention and about how to stay healthy as an athlete.

“I would just go into a gym, grab a barbell and go. That’s probably also why I suffered from knee injuries early on. I learned how to take care of myself from those injuries”, he says.

To Josh, it’s important to see himself as a role model: to be the example. He is telling his sons what it means to be dedicated, to make sacrifices. But he is also showing them what he is doing to get where he is and what it takes to get the things they have.

“That’s what makes me respect and admire people, to see them work for it. Not only hear but see them go through the challenge.”

Josh Bridges

Josh's Training Tips

Josh is known for showing emotions and letting his energy out in training and competing. His training tips are just as applicable to kids as they are to adult athletes.

Go crazy

“Don’t care too much about what other people might think. Inspire them!”

Mental power

“Focus on power and strength by letting all that energy out.”

Extra reps

“Don’t give up – fight for that last rep!”

Success is not owned. It’s leased, and the rent is due every day – So it’s time to pay the man!

Try using the tips that Josh uses to stay on top of his game when you are doing your WODs.

“Not every day is going to feel like you crushed it. That’s part of the process.”

Josh Bridges

Josh will always go back over his performances in order to draw any conclusions he needs to make and learn from each WOD. Do the same for your own workouts. Take time after you have finished and ask yourself the following questions:

Ok, I did that workout. Great. It felt good.

  1. Now, what can I learn from it?
  2. Where could I have pushed a little harder?
  3. Where should I have backed off?
  4. What other tactics or different techniques might have worked better?

“I analyse these things so that I am better prepared for the next time I train that movement or sequence of exercises and I can see how to improve it.”

Josh Bridges

With intensive upper body workouts involving presses and dips or pulling movements it can be a good idea to wear elbow sleeves or wrist guards to help protect your joints and strengthen your movement patterns.